Two Person Exhibition | LUNAR ECLIPSE

Jörgen Axelvall & Yukimasa Ida
December 10 (Sat), 2022 – February 8 (Wed), 2023
MAKI Gallery / Tennoz, Tokyo

We are pleased to present LUNAR ECLIPSE, a two-person exhibition by Yukimasa Ida and photographer Jörgen Axelvall, to be held at MAKI Gallery (Tennoz) from Saturday, December 10. Works by the two artists will be on view across both Tennoz I and II spaces, alongside examples of their first foray into collaboration.

The exhibition’s title refers to the fact that a lunar eclipse fell on the day Ida and Axelvall first began discussing their collaborative project. At the same time, it also draws an analogy between a fleeting celestial miracle and the phenomenon of two artists, their artwork, and the viewer coinciding to form new visions and experiences. We welcome you to explore the “here and now” of Ida and Axelvall through this exhibition, where the two artists converge and overlap.


このたび、井田幸昌と写真家のヨーガン・アクセルバルの二人展「LUNAR ECLIPSE」が、12月10日(土)よりMAKI Gallery(天王洲)にて開催されることとなりました。天王洲IとIIの両スペースに渡って展開される本展では、二作家それぞれの作品に加え、二人にとって初の試みとなるコラボレーション作品が展示されます。