aboutIDA STUDIO was established
by Yukimasa IDA in 2017.

yukimasa ida 井田幸昌

1990 Born in Tottori
2016 B.A. in Oil Painting Tokyo University of the Arts
2019 Master in Oil Painting Tokyo University of the Arts

Main concept is "ICHI-GO ICHI-E (a once in a lifetime moment)" .
The moment "now" will never come again. He aims to visualize all those encounters with many "nows", from past to present, through the filter of his mind by projecting the phenomenon itself onto his works. Through art, he continues to question the subtleties of existence.

1990 鳥取県生まれ
2016 東京藝術大学油画専攻卒業
2019 東京藝術大学大学院油画修了


Solo Exhibitions


2022 「Now is Gone」 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Paris, France)
2022 「YUKIMASA IDA visits PABRO PICASSO」Picasso Birthplace Museum(Malaga, Spain)
2021 「思層 | Ontology」RICOH ART GALLERY (Tokyo,Japan)
2021 「Here and Now」 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Chicago,USA)
2020 「Crystallization」 銀座蔦屋書店 GINZA ATRIUM (Tokyo,Japan)
2020 「King of limbs」KAIKAI KIKI GALLERY(Tokyo,Japan)
2019 「Rhapsody」 Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Mayfair London (London,UK)
2019 「Portraits」 銀座蔦屋書店 GINZA ATRIUM (Tokyo,Japan)
2019 「The End of Today」 Fabien Fryns Fine Art,东景缘 The Temple Hotel (Beijing,China)
2017 「Banquet」NAUFU Contemporary (Gifu, Japan)
2017 「Bespoke」Labassa Woolfe (London, UK)
2016 「Star child」KEN NAKAHASHI (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 「Yukimasa Ida’s Exhibition」List Sothebys (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 「The End of Today」GALLERY b. TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 「The figure」GALLERY b. TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
2013 「The face」GALLERY b. TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)

Group Shows


2023 「UN ABRAZO」 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Mexico City, Mexico)
2022 「Christian Dior Designer of Dreams」 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2022 「LUNAR ECLIPSE」 MAKI Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2022 「THE LOSS OF HUMAN FACE?」 Villepin Gallery (Hong Kong, China)
2022 「Facial Recognition Fabien」 Fryns Fine Art (Dubai, UAE)
2021 「J'AI DEUX AMOURS...」 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Paris, France)
2020 「Healing - Curated by TAKASHI MURAKAMI -」 Perrotin Gallery (Paris, France)
2019  KOTARO NUKAGA group exhibition – Gaze and Distance - (Tokyo, Japan)
2017  LDF Auction (Saint-Tropez, France)
2017 「Gallery Exhibition」 Oil Gallery (London, UK)
2017 「Just like painting」 Minnano Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 「Star Tale」 KEN NAKAHASHI (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 「Naufu Street Fair」NAUFU Contemporary (Gifu, Japan)
2016 「Kouhei Nawa Selection・CAF Award Selected Exhibition」Anteroom (Kyoto, Japan)
2016 「The 3rd CAF Award Exhibition」Contemporary Art Foundation , 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 「VOCA Exhibition 2016」The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 「LOIVE」KEN NAKAHASHI (Toyko, Japan)
2015 「Arts in Marunouchi 2015」Marunouchi Building (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 「Painting dig」GENDAI Heights (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 「Gallery Selection」Gallery b Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 「Future Award」Gallery Nichido (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 「The Far East」Turner Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2013 「Gallery Selection」GALLERY b. TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)

Residency Program / Projects

2017 「N-shinch」collaborated with Jon Sanborn and KVB at Ken Nakahashi (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 「Bespoke」Artist in residence in collaboration with Justin Cook and Labassa Woolfe (London, UK)
2016  Artist in residence in New York City, Brooklyn


2022 Culture Incentive Award of Tottori Prefecture
2016  CAF Award, Special Jury Award (from Kouhei Nawa)
2015 Arts in Marunouchi  Grand Prix
2014  Gallery Nichido「Future Award」Grand Prix
2014  Tokyo University of the Arts Award , Ataka prize



Yusaku Maezawa Collection
Takashi Murakami Collection
Leonardo DiCaprio Collection
LDF Collection
Oketa Collection
Dior Collection
TOP Collection
MAKI Collection
Morino Art Museum(Nagareyama,Japan)

Art Fair


2022 Art Basel Miami Beach | Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Miami)
2022 Paris+ par Art Basel | Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Paris)
2022 FREIZE SEOUL | Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seoul)
2022 EXPO Chicago | Mariane Ibrahim (Chicago)
2021 Art Basel Miami Beach 2021 | Mariane Ibrahim (Maiami)
2021 The Armory Show 2021 | Mariane Ibrahim (NY)
2020  台北當代2020 | Taipei Dangdai / Kaikai kiki gallery(Taipei)
2018  ASIA NOW (Fabien Fryns Fine Art,Paris,France)
2018  ART STAGE SINGAPORE (Singapore)
2017  ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 (Tokyo)
2017  ART FAIR PHILIPPINES 2017 (Philippines)
2017  ART STAGE SINGAPORE (Singapore)
2016  ART TAIPEI (Taiwan)
2016  ART KAOSIUNG (Taiwan)

can see...


Node Hotel (Kyoto)
Le Café V(LOUIS VUITTON Maison Osaka Midosuji)