井田幸昌にとって初めてとなる国内美術館での個展「Panta Rhei|パンタ・レイ−世界が存在する限り」が、米子市美術館にて7月22日(土)から始まります。


さらに、展覧会グッズの先行予約販売を@LoppiとHMV&BOOKS onlineにて開始いたします。
IDA Studio監修による、@Loppi・HMV限定含むオリジナルのグッズです。


※グッズ予約受付期間:5月1日(月)〜6月5日(月)/ 引き換え:7月19日(水)〜
※限定レターセットは@Loppi・HMV&BOOKS onlineのみでの販売です。



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井田幸昌展「Panta Rhei|パンタ・レイー世界が存在する限り」
会期:2023年7月22日(土) – 8月27日(日)
主催:米子市、米子市教育委員会、(一財)米子市文化財団 米子市美術館


Advance tickets for Tottori exhibition and original goods are now on sale

Yukimasa Ida’s first solo exhibition at a museum in Japan, “Panta Rhei – For as long as the world turns” will open at Yonago City Museum of Art on Saturday, July 22.

Advance tickets for this exhibition are available from May 1st, 2023.
Please refer to the dedicated website for details on the advance ticket sales period and locations. (

Also, pre-order of exhibition goods are available at Lawson @Loppi and HMV & BOOKS online.
These original goods, including @Loppi and HMV exclusive items, are supervised by IDA Studio.

・Ticket (advance ticket) + Exclusive letter set (Frame stamps + Envelopes + Letter pad)
・Exclusive letter set ( Frame stamps + Envelopes + Letter pad )
・Pinback button set with zip case ( 3 Pinback buttons + Zip case )

*Goods pre-order period: May 1 (Mon) – June 5 (Mon) / Pick up : From July 19 (Wed)
*Exclusive letter set is only available at @Loppi and HMV & BOOKS online.

For the product’s details and purchase, please refer to the following links.


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Exhibition Yukimasa Ida “Panta Rhei –For as long as the world turns ”
Venue:Yonago City Museum of Art
Period:22nd Jul. 2023 – 27th Aug. 2023
Organizer:Yonago City, Yonago City Board of Education, Yonago Cultural Foundation Yonago City Museum of Art
Dedicated website: