井田幸昌にとって初めてとなる国内美術館での展覧会「Panta Rhei|パンタ・レイ − 世界が存在する限り − 」を開催いたします。本展覧会は、2023年7月22日から故郷である米子市美術館、9月30日から京都市京セラ美術館で開催される巡回展です。


本展では、国内未発表作を含むこれまでの絵画作品、立体作品に加えて、絵日記のように日々綴る “End of today” シリーズ、そして最新の作品までを一同に展示いたします。

『Panta Rhei|パンタ・レイ -世界が存在する限り-』
公式サイト: https://ida-2023.jp

2023年7月22日(土) – 8月27日(日)
主催:米子市、米子市教育委員会、(一財)米子市文化財団 米子市美術館

2023年9月30日(土) – 12月3日(日)


Yukimasa Ida’s First Solo Museum Exhibition in Japan
Tottori Exhibition•Kyoto Exhibition in 2023

We are pleased to announce “Panta Rhei –世界が存在する限り– “, the first solo institutional exhibition for Yukimasa Ida in Japan. The exhibition will travel, it will begin at the Yonago City Museum of Art (the artists hometown) from July 22, 2023, and move to the Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art, from September 30, 2023.

Ida’s main concept of “ICHI-GO ICHI-E”, which means “a once in a lifetime moment” has been the primary focus of his practice. In this ever-changing world, things, events, and people disperse, yet are unknowingly connected, shaping the world today. People exist in the past and present, each having their own story. Ida’s works are about gathering miraculous encounters of individuals and crystallizing them onto canvas based on the reality he captures.

The exhibition will feature his past painting and sculpture, including never seen works in Japan. The show will also present his “End of today” series, in which he uses as a picture diary, and his latest works. The exhibited works represent the trajectory of Ida’s life.

Visitors will be able to feel the two contradictories in Ida’s works “ever-changing things”, and “things never change”, as it expands from dots to lines, and from lines to planes, flowing from the past to the future. We hope that this exhibition will provide you with an opportunity to appreciate Ida’s powerful art, which is too, a once in a lifetime moment that can only be encountered at this time and place.

“Panta Rhei –世界が存在する限り– ”
official website: https://ida-2023.jp

Yonago City Museum of Art
22nd Jul. 2023 – 27th Aug. 2023
Organizer: Yonago City, Yonago City Board of Education, Yonago Cultural Foundation Yonago City Museum of Art

Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
30th Sep. 2023 – 3rd Dec. 2023
Organizer: Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, The Kyoto Shimbun Co.Ltd.